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20-21 Allstar Packet and Contract Revised

Updated to reflect the change in date for Cheersport Regional Atlanta and the location of Spirit of Hope. 

2020-2021 Half Year Novice Packet and Contract

Is your athlete interested in joining our Half Year Novice team? If so, this packet will include everything you need to know about our program. Please read through it all and have the correct pages filled out for the registration process on Thursday, September 24th. Feel free to reach out if you think of any questions between now and evaluations. We're always happy to help! 

2020 Athlete Registration Form

Is your athlete joining us for classes at ACA? If so, this is the form that we need filled out at the time of registration! Simply print it out and bring it in or we can provide a copy for you at the front desk!

2020 Allstar Absence Request Form

Please note absence is not considered excused simply because a note is turned in, the front desk will indicate what your absence is considered when the form is turned in. Please refer to the calendar in the back of the allstar packet or to page 10 of your packet to see all dates that are considered mandatory for the season. 

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